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Software Update, Snaplab+ version 3.3


In the interest of providing the most complete all-in-one kiosk, please note our most recent additions to the Snaplab+ software available for the kiosk SL620 and SL620 II or order terminal DSTmini and DT-T6mini.


Snaplabplus logo


This new update offers the following improvements :

Calendar in Catalonia: shorten days of the week to 2 letters and public holidays as per the Catalonia Calendar

Collage product, in size 10x15cm, selection of increments of 1, when printing

Sorting issue of mobile wired connection, showing photos as per date the picture is taken

Print 5x5 prints from DSRX1 HS printer with 5x7 media

Receipt "Fotoftessera" for Passport in Italian

Bug fix for DS40, counter for available media

Download: Snaplab+ Software 3.3.14

DS PRINTER Driver Update, Mac DS Printer Driver v5.0.14

 ds620 printer


DNP Photo Imaging Europe announces MAC DS Printer Driver v 5.0.14

This driver is free of charge and is available directly from the web site : Mac driver v5.0.14

 Supported Mac OS :

- El Capitan
- Sierra
- High Sierra

This driver works will all DNP Printers : DS620, DS820, DSRX1 HS, DS80DX, DS80, DS40



- 15x15 cm (6x6 inch) square print for DS620, DS40, DSRX1 HS printers from 15x20 cm media (6x8 inch)
- 13x13 cm (5x5 inch) square print for DS620 and DSRX1 HS printers from 13x18 cm media (5x7 inch)

- Fine Matte for DS620 and DS820 Printers

Glossy, Matte and Luster finish already exsist for DS620 and DS820 printers from previous verisons of the Mac driver.

Download : MAC Driver 5.0.14

Thursday, 14 June 2018 08:59

DNP announces Hot Folder Print with Mac

Software Update, Hot Folder Print for Mac


Hot Folder Print (HFP), the Free Plug and Play Printing Management Software is now avaialble for MAC

New features for HFP :

- Drag and Drop Images directly into user interface

- Program E-mail alert for low media level, select when a warning or error message, for low media level.
- ICC by default based on EVENT or location (selection during installation)
- Preview and cropping pictures

- Automatic printer firmware update
- Online software update
- Partial Matte for DS620 and DS820 printers
- Easy language change (in Settings)

- Customisation of Hot Folder Locations


ALSO Available, as part of the WIN version :
- Supports ALL DNP Printers : DS620, DS820, DSRX1 HS, DSRX1, DS80DX, DS80, DS40 and up to 4 printers (including the DS80-DX printer)
- Dashboard,showing connected printer models, media size and number of remaining prints avaialble

- Display print size avaialbe base on media disponible
- Thumbnail of images per original size

- 2 inch prints for DS620 and RX1 HS printers
- Boarder integration
- Glossy and Matte finish with all printers
- Luster and Fine Matte finish for DS620 and DS820 printers
- Enhanced Color Settings, you can configure RGB, gamma, brightness, saturation and sharpness settings as needed


Download : HFP Manual and Installer


The USER MANUAL is available on the DNP Photo Imaging Europe website, or you can download by clicking on the link below.


Software Update, Snaplab+ version 3.3


In the interest of providing the most complete all-in-one kiosk, please note our most recent additions to the Snaplab+ software available for the kiosk SL620 and SL620 II or order terminal DSTmini and DT-T6mini.


Snaplabplus logo


This new update adds the following products and features :

- Save ID photo to USB device (Biometric License needed)

- Remaing Media Icon - Media Status & Information on screen of available media

- Customer Logo on Screensaver screen

- Auto Restart Scheduler function

- Update Software Directly from USB key

- Add Formats


Download: Snaplab+ Software 3.3.11

Download: Snaplab+ 3.3.11 User Manual

Save ID Photo to USB device (Biometric License needed)


This feature allows saving ID Photos generated by Snaplab+ Software, to a USB key, when Biometric License is activated.


REMAINING MEDIA ICONS - Media Status & Information on screen of available media


This software will display the remaining media of the connected printer(s) at the bottom of the screen. The icon(s) is/are visible only on the screensaver screen. 




NEW FEATURE : A logo can be placed on the top-bar of the software. This logo appears from beginning until the end of order making process.




By configuring the 'Automatic Reboot' Scheduler, the system will restart as per the given time.




If the system is already installed with v3.3.9.0 then the system can have software update offline via 'Check for updates on USB'.

This function is in additon to the online "check for updates", very convenient for off-line units.



The software supports "Add another format" easily, at the step of the "Order Recap". Easier workflow allowing additional size/format per already selected images.


An updated USER MANUAL is available on the DNP Photo Imaging Europe website, or you can download by clicking on the link below.

Download: USER MANUAL and Snaplab+ v3.3.11

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 09:14

Product Update: DS620 and RX1 HS Firmware Update

Firmware Update

Download Now!



DS620 FW 1.52 Fine matte is now possible, direct from driver on DS620.


DNP Photo Imaging Europe is pleased to announce that you can download the firmware DS620 v1.52 direct from the website.

This update allows you to print direct from driver in Fine Matte: a finishig that is smooth on the surface with a contrasted rendering.

For more information about DS620 Firmware Update, as well as any related questions, contact a DNP Sales Representative in your region.


RX1 HS FW 2.06 Square Printing! the latest trend in printing fun on RX1 HS printers.


This update allows square printing in sizes 5x5 and 6x6 direct from the driver, you can download the firmware DS RX1 HS 2.06 direct from the website.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact DNP Sales Representative in your region.

Friday, 26 January 2018 17:49

Product Update, Photo Card Printing

Order Now!


Photo Card Printing now possible with Snaplab+

DNP Photo Imaging Europe is pleased to announce that DNP will begin distribution of the HID Fargo 1250e DTC Photocard Printer.

Shipment Begins:

 photocard samples


Photo Card Printing is a new way to increase your revenue by proposing a larger product portfolio on-site.
Snaplab+ software from version 3.3.9, which can be downloaded from DNP's web site, for order terminals DT-T6mini or DSTmini and Photo kiosks SL620 or SL620 II, makes photo card conception fast and easy thanks to integrated templates.

Combining Snaplab+ software with our order terminal or photokiosk and the HID Fargo 1250e DTC Photocard Printer, DNP helps you offer more value on-site.


Snaplab+ makes photo card conception fast and easy thanks to integrated templates:
Event Passes, Business Cards, save the date invitations....



Photo cards offer durable printing products such as wallet size photos, personalized gift cards or badges.

DNP has selected the Fargo DTC 1250e, a dual sided photo card printer that uses dye sublimation technology.

Designed for small-to-medium businesses, Fargo DTC 1250e provides maximum efficiency on-site, cost effective and low mainteance.

Print Long-Lasting Fun!

Download Brochure & INSTALLATION MANUAL for Photo Card Printing

DNP Photo Imaging Europe offer the HID Fargo DTC120e Printer (dual sided) along with the CR80 PVC Ultracards and Cartridges. Please note the cards are conditioned in 500 units and 2 cartridges are needed for one-sided printing of all 500 cards or 4 for double-sided printing.

For more information about Photo Card Printing as well as pricing information contact a DNP Sales Representative in your region.
For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact DNP Sales Representative in your region.

Software Update, Snaplab+ version 3.3


In the interest of providing the most complete all-in-one kiosk, and user feedback, please note our most recent additions to the Snaplab+ software available for the kiosk SL620 and SL620 II or order terminal DSTmini and DT-T6mini.


Snaplabplus logo


This new update adds the following feature :

- Panoramic Collage
- 5x15 cm (2x6 inch) Format
- Password to Access Settings
- GS1 DataMatrix Code
- Software Update from USB
- HDD Available Space
- Delete Orders After Printing
- Photo Card Printer
- Photo Card Prints  (Recto and Recto Verso)
- Frames Photo Cards print (Recto and Recto Verso)
- Themes Photo Card print (Recto and Recto Verso)
- Adding Frames and Theme Graphics to Photo Card Products (Recto and Recto Verso)
- Adding Graphics for Logo for Photo Card Products


Download: Snaplab+ Software 3.3.9

Download: Snaplab+ 3.3.9 User Manual


 panoramic collage
Now you can use the Photo Editing Software to print up to 20 images in a graphic page in panormaic print sizes
* DS620 - 15x36 cm (6x14 inches)
and 15x 52cm (6x20 inches)
* DS820 - 20x 46 cm (8x18 inches)
20x56 cm (8x22 inches)
20x67 cm (8x26 inches)
and 20x82 cm (8x32 inches)


NEW FEATURE : Collage product will accept up to 20 images instead of the previous maximum of 8 images.


2inch cut
The 5x15 cm/ 2x6 inch format has been added to the print formats available (to create mini panoramic prints). It is available in Print Products and in Hot Folder Printer Service.


password setting
Possibility to set a password to access settings.
NEW FEATURE: There are two types of users: "administrator" and "operator". Administrator has access to all settings. Operator will be able to access Diagnostics and swith off or reboot the system.


QRcode ticket
2D Code available : GS1 DataMatrix
NEW FEATURE: Possiblity to print a GS1 DataMatrix 2D code at the bottom of ticket. This will allow automatic reading of order details.


USB Update
NEW FEATURE: Check for updates from USB
This function is in additon to the online "check for updates", very convenient for off-line units.


recipt printer
NEW FEATURE: System can test up to 2 connected receipt printers.


card printer

NEW: If the HID Fargo 1250e Dual Sided Card Printer  is installed, connected and powered on, a test card will be printed. (Please note that Snaplab+ v3.3 is compatible only with HID Fargo 1250e Dual Sided Card Printer. It is necessary to follow DNP Photo Imaging Europe's install manual and set up.)


NEW FEATURE: Users can check the available space on the terminal's Hard Drive.


NEW FEATURE: Users can erase automatically orders that have been printed.


Print a personalized plastic card selecting from various themes or by loading your own graphics.

Card Print is only available if HID Fargo DTC1250e is Installed, Configured, Connected and Powered.

For the installation of this Card Printer and Color Enhancement, please follow the User Manual for instructions from our DNP website.


An updated USER MANUAL is available on the DNP Photo Imaging Europe website, or you can download by clicking on the link below.

Please share these updates with your clients.


DNP becomes Technical Parter of Tour de France 2016


DNP Photo Imaging Europe and Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) which owns the Tour de France, announced the signing of a partnership that makes DNP Photo Imaging Europe become the Technical Partner of 2016 Tour de France 2016.

The 21-stage 2016 Tour de France covers 3,519 kms, and finishes in Paris on the Champs Elysees on 24 July. DNP Photo Imaging Europe will offer their innovative photography printing solutions for the V.I.Ps and visitors of the Tour de France on the 21 stages.

Beginning in July 2016 at the Tour de France, DNP Photo Imaging Europe will partner with A.S.O. to bring their 140 years’ printing expertise to provide the best photo printing solution to the millions of cycling fans from around the world at the departure, arrival and halfway point, as well as unique photo memories of the day printed onsite on each stage.

The Kiosk Party Print, a new concept for the event photo marketing, will be set up for the Tour de France 2016. Spectators have the opportunity to take selfie, print them onsite immediately and share these unique memories on social networking service.

Both organisations’ common aim is to help public to capture their best moments on the tour and to turn treasured memories into memorable treasures.

Yann Le Moenner, CEO of A.S.O, said; “The fit between DNP Photo Imaging Europe and A.S.O is a natural one with both sharing a passion to innovate in whatever we do, combined with a unique style and approach. It is a great privilege for A.S.O to partner with DNP, one of the largest printing technologies companies in the world. It means a lot for A.S.O to have secured their support in our efforts to boost 2016 Tour de France”.

Roch Hollande, President of DNP Photo Imaging Europe, said: "This is a very important partnership for DNP Photo Imaging Europe. Our company is proud to enhance the Tour de France and its numerous public with our printing and event photography know-how. At the same time, we are delighted be able to make a difference to the cycling fans by providing them with a richer unique photo memory printing and sharing experience".

About DNP

Founded in Japan in 1876, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is the pioneer of dye-sublimation printing and one of the world's largest comprehensive printing companies with approx. 40,000 employees worldwide. DNP Photo Imaging Europe whose European head office is located in the Paris region, France, is providing printers and photofinishing solutions to the European and North African markets. They target photo specialists, mass retailers, photo studios and event photographers through their distribution network in more than 40 countries.

About Amaury Sport Organisation 

Amaury Sport Organisation is a company that owns, designs and organizes top international sporting events. Specialised in the ‘non-stadia’ events, it has in-house knowledge of professions linked to organization, media and sales of sports events.  A.S.O. organises 270 days of competition per year, with 70 events in more than 20 countries.  A.S.O. is involved in 5 major sports including cycling with Le Tour de France, motor sports with Le Dakar, golf with the Open de France, sailing with Le Tour de France à la Voile and mass events with the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris.

Amaury Sport Organisation is a subsidiary of the Amaury Group, media and sport group that owns the newspaper L’Equipe.

More information on the Tour de France on

The wireless shoot-to print network solution for Photographers


DNP Photo Imaging Europe will launch its new Wireless Print Server (WPS-1 EU) mobile photography solution in Europe. The WPS-1 EU creates a hotspot to get instant photo printing without the router or PCs. The WPS-1 EU allows professional photographers to efficiently increase their shoot-to-print business by eliminating the use of wires and memory cards. DNP Photo Imaging Europe is expected to start shipping the WPS-1 EU this autumn.

Developed to support professional photographers whose workflows often include mobile wireless devices, the WPS-1 EU is an Android set-top box running custom DNP software that replaces a typical PC and network router. Use a wide variety of capture devices - from cameras and cell phones to tablets and computers - coupled with a DNP photo printer for PC-fee wireless printing. The WPS-1 is designed exclusively for DNP's award-winning DS40, DS80, RX1 and DS620 dye-sublimation printers.

Designed with a broad range of markets in mind, from the professional photographer to the mobile event photo operator and small retailer, the WPS-1 EU will be an invaluable asset for increasing workflow productivity, flexibility and profitability.


Built-in 802.11 b/g/n to print directly from Wi-Fi enabled DSLR cameras, iOS phones, Android phones, Android cameras and Windows/Mac computers.

PC-Free Interface

Included with WPS-1 EU is DNP’s new Mobile Status App* that allows operators to see printer status, control configuration, and manage job process sharing - all from cell phone. Pre-configure low paper alerts for easier event and photo booth printer management.

Mobile Device Support

In addition to printing from your PC or Mac, the WPS-1 EU supports mobile devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple iPad, Android cameras and selects Wi-Fi enabled DSLR cameras**.  Support 5 wireless devices simultaneously.

Flexible Workflow

One WPS-1 EU can connect to 2 identical or 2 different DNP printers to optimize speed and redundancy or to offer an increased range of print size options. The flexible workflow and hardware arrangement makes the WPS-1 EU simple to configure and easy to use. Wireless printing is now possible without a computer, hub, router or internet connection!

*Companion Apps  - Available for iOS and Android devices through the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

** To connect DSLR, the CamRanger Wifi accessory is required. For additional information, please visit

New product introduction


Starting the Photokina show with a bang, DNP Photo Imaging Europe present their new flagship printer DS620 to the global audience. Fully equipped with great features such as rewinding function, standby mode and an extended choice of photo formats, this state-of-the-art printer boosts great image quality and a 2-year warranty that even surpasses DNP’s prior models. Both photo retailers and photographers will be glad to know that the DS620 is available from European resellers in early 2015.

The new DS620 is the cornerstone to many interesting solutions DNP present at this year’s show in Cologne. By itself, it is already very impressive: Improved performance of media and thermal head make it possible for DNP Photo Imaging Europe to offer a warranty of 2-years*, providing security for a durable service at high quality. The new rewind function enables the most efficient consumption of consumables and a limitation of media stock keeping units. The intelligent algorithm rewinds the ink ribbon in case an odd number of 10x15cm photos are printed with 15x20cm media, so with the next print job the remaining piece will be utilised. With the new standby mode the printer makes the most efficient use of energy (<0.5W), keeping the electricity bill low at the end of the year. All these new features will benefit the operator with increased profitability.

As a noteworthy coincidence, the new DS620 is 14% lighter, 14% more compact and has a 14% higher image throughput per hour, compared to the DS40. This makes DNP’s new flagship printer the ideal companion of event photographers searching for mobility and speed. In retail, the reduced width of only 275mm will result in a low footprint. Further, users will note the improved gloss level in pictures, providing even more vibrant pictures for happy consumers.

The printer offers prints from photo strips in 5x15 cm up to portrait formats in 15x20cm. In spring 2015, the 15x23cm media will be introduced to especially cater to the event market. Also here interesting cut options will make further formats such as 11.5x15cm possible via SDK. Last not least with the new 15x15cm format, the DS620 provides a great product for consumers wanting to print their square photos. This and many other formats are enabled from standard 15x20cm consumables, making them the preferred media for this printer.

As a new feature, the DS620 provides advanced status information from the driver, enabling users at any time to check remaining media, media format, printer status, printer life counter, colour control data, firmware version and serial number. Environmentally friendly, both energy consumption and media waste were further optimised.

From sales start the DS620 will be compatible with DNP’s range of software products, including Party Print for event photo, the kiosk software Tomo™ v6.1 the new nexlab™6 order management software and the new software application Hot Folder Print** for enhanced print workflows in studio and event. Printer drivers are available for Windows Vista, Win7, Win8 as well as Mac 10.6 and newer.

“Launching a new flagship printer is a great moment for DNP Photo Imaging Operations”, says Roch Hollande, President of DNP Photo Imaging Europe. “I encourage the photo trade and professionals to try out the powerful DS620 and help consumers preserve their memories. Memories deserve prints.” 


* The warranty conditions of DNP Photo Imaging Europe include the thermal print heads (TPH). For the DS620, they include 2 years or 100,000 glossy prints in 4x6 inch format.

** Available as English language installer and documentation in the product download section:  

Monday, 08 August 2016 15:01

Double the fun, triple the revenue


New product introduction Duplex DS80DX


DNP Photo Imaging Europe is presenting the latest model of duplex printers: the DS80DX. In the light of the strong trend for added value photo products and especially photobooks, retailers benefit from instant onsite production and make good margin in their shop. Futuresource Consulting have published their consumer photobook report highlighting the growth rate of orders in retail.

It is the objective of all retailers to grow profitable business on fixed shop space. While ever larger quantities of pictures are being captured, the industry works hard on ways to create printed photo products attractive to consumers.  According to the market research company Futuresource Consulting*, a particularly successful product that emerged is the printed photobook. Double-digit growth figures can be observed, with disproportional increase of books ordered in stores. In the past, two thirds of these photobooks had not been produced in stores, as onsite print technology used to come at too high a cost to secure good return on investment. DNP’s DS80DX duplex printer seems to be a game changer.

Retailers now have the fast and simple production of photobooks, greeting cards and calendars in their own hands. They can sell their products in an instant to the consumers coming back from holidays, family events, or the children’s sports tournaments, giving the consumer the confidence that they don’t have to wait a few days but can take their fun product home within the hour.

With the DS80DX, the retailer can offer both one-sided (simplex) portrait photos in formats up to 20x30cm (8x12 inch) and double-sided (duplex) prints for photobooks, beautiful greeting cards and calendars. Images come out in stunning matte or glossy finish, as a powerful printer control engine designed to optimise image quality gives consumers the vibrant and robust colour spectrum they demand. Formats range from 10x20cm greeting cards, 20x15cm, 20x20cm square format or 20x30cm photobooks and 20x30cm calendars. Square-format books become a strong trend with consumers (18%) in addition to the more standard A4 sizes.

The printer’s space-saving design is made possible by the modularity of simplex and duplex production, including an ingenious turning unit for the receiving paper. The simplex paper is roll-fed and based on the multi-awarded DS80, while the duplex paper is sheet-fed.  The versatility of the printer gives retailers great flexibility on their in-store product offering, and total control on their pricing and profitability. Due to the modular approach based on an existing printer concept, DNP is able to offer both compact and cost-effective gear. The DS80DX is the duplex printer with the lowest footprint on the market, conserving valuable workspace in retail.

Photobooks and other high-value products can be ordered easily with DNP TomoTM v6.1 software, e.g. with the DS-K15 photo kiosk. For the sales start, DNP bundles dedicated Photobook Software, and also other third-party photo software products will be available shortly. The quality of the prints is outstanding and gives pleasure to consumers in enjoying and sharing nice moments on photo. Memories deserve prints!


*Futuresource Consulting Ltd.: Consumer Photobook Market Track Report – Western Europe, December 2013, updated edition January 2014. 

Nexlab™6 new product introduction


The switch from Silver Halide to dry was progressing slower than expected a few years ago. Although total cost of ownership for many users of traditional labs is higher, operators had been reluctant to make the logical move due to uncertainty of economics. The advantage with the new DNP nexlab™6: the change comes at a very low investment. Due to its stringent modularity, DNP offers you the basic edition as an affordable operating terminal, powerful production center software and connected printers. Not a square meter of footprint, a remarkably low investment, and full flexibility in how to set it up in your premises. This way nexlab™6 is the ideal setup for high productivity photo centers in school and event photography as well as in retail.

Coming with state-of-the-art minilab functions, the nexlab™6 is designed for intuitive operation. Simple yet powerful controls and software layout enable the operators to manage their photo service. A large variety of standard and creative photo products that include standard prints from 10x15 to 20x30cm enlargements, ID pictures, collages, calendars, greeting cards and much more are supported as well as burning CD-ROM and DVD. Depending on optional output devices, also large format prints such as poster and canvas are possible.* With the new DNP DS80DX duplex printer as an optional output device, double-sided prints up to 20x30cm, greeting cards, calendars and photobooks in several formats can be produced onsite. An ever-expanding range of further peripherals is being integrated.*

Efficient order management to a variety of output devices is at the heart of this production center, of course including management of reprints. A device dashboard shows the status of the output devices, colour-coded controls enable an overview at first glance. Print/Pass feature, pre-judge print (PJP) workflow and image editing are supported, same as the multi-product attribution of individual images and entire orders.   

nexlab™6 will make the operators’ life simple and reduce their total cost of ownership. Whether it is used to produce hundreds or thousands of photos per hour, one will be able to process souvenir photos at superior quality. Being scalable, it can steer a battery of standard-format printers or one can add a portrait printer and even optional large format* or duplex printers for additional revenues. The system will be ready for the daily tough assignment, at a space-saving footprint.


A key element to the savings: with a DNP dye sublimation system, service and support comes at much better cost than you’re used to from traditional or even inkjet minilabs, and daily maintenance basically consists of turning it on in the morning and changing consumables when required. Dye sublimation comes with significant advantages over both Silver Halide and inkjet systems.


The low required investment & low fixed costs of the nexlab™6 ensure one produces good profits for the business. With significant savings on maintenance fees, capital costs, energy & water consumption as well as waste disposal, one will feel the difference to an expensive traditional system. Furthermore, the easy operation means the staff can spend more time with the customers.


The great photo quality with 300dpi and unique smooth gradation produced by DNP’s dye sublimation printers will bring a smile on customers’ faces.


Photo service is one of the key sources of revenue, whether in retail or in event photography.  High system uptime therefore is of imminent importance for our customers. With a fleet of dye-sublimation printers and reliable software, the advantages are on their side. Due to redundancy of the printers, they will practically be ensured against downtime. And the best news is: this even costs less in maintenance!


Bring photo service to a more ecological era. Through the intelligent new nexlab™6 operating software make it easy for the staff to operate it efficiently with minimal training. The nexlab™6 production center is fit for the job, provides significant changes to your business and produces vibrant photos and more, in a more eco-friendly way. It’s time to change, isn’t it?




What makes nexlab™6 so special?

The DNP nexlab™6 is a powerful production centre that allows for a variety of photo services, and it comes at a low basic investment. Other than minilabs offered in the market, you can place the terminal on a desk and place your printers and other output devices wherever it suits you. This comes at a very attractive price, but it also means that the system is fit for numerous applications, be it in retail, in school photography or at evening events. The architecture of the nexlab™6 software is flexible for integration of duplex printers, large format printers*, as well as additional output devices. This enables the operator to offer a large variety of photo products onsite.


Does nexlab™6 come with furniture?

No. A fully flexible system, nexlab™6 can be combined with a variety of printers and output devices. To keep costs down for a profitable investment of our customers, we did not design scalable furniture, as we believe that requirements truly differ from one setup to the other. nexlab™6 will be a great production centre for event and school photography services, where a setup does not match with over-the-counter services in retail locations. Through the open architecture, it is equally well designed for both. Together with their partners, DNP will give good recommendations for suitable setups of every nexlab™6 installation.


How about service?

Through a one-to-many configuration, standard format printers ensure redundant operations and thereby stand for reliable uptime. In the rare case that a printer needs servicing, the others can take over. This way your system is always functional and your shop can stay open at all times. The warranty procedure covers back-to-base return.

For issues with the operating unit, our friendly support hotline is happy to search for instant solutions with you, and in case a repair is required we and a number of our distribution partners stock swap units for your comfort. You find the local contact details to our hotline at


Which products can you offer with nexlab™6?

The standard format printers DS-RX1, DS40 and the new DS620 offer formats from 10x15, 13x18, 15x20cm. DS40 & DS620 also offer 11.5x15 and 15x23cm formats. The 8-inch portrait printer DS80 offers enlargements up to 20x30cm. Besides consumer photos, you have the opportunity to offer ID photos, photo calendars, collages, index prints and greeting cards. Archiving on CD-ROM or DVD is a great product. But as a most flexible production centre, nexlab™6 can do much more. You are able to integrate a large format printer* for canvas and poster products. With DNP’s new duplex printer DS80DX you can produce double-sided prints for photobook in various sizes, calendar and greeting cards (of course with gorgeous templates prepared in the software). Further to the above, DNP’s development teams are working on integrating further interesting onsite and lab products.


How can I upload pictures to the nexlab™6?

The customary options in retail are through consumer-facing order terminals or the direct insertion by shop staff in the nexstation operating terminal. With the basic model, we provide a unit for over-the-counter service where the operator has full control of the process. DNP offer optional DS-Terminal order stations for consumers in retail. They can insert their media card or disc into the DVD-R slot, or even transfer images directly from their smartphone.


*Nexlab™6 supports large format printers EPSON 7880 and 7890 as well as Canon iPF6400 and 6450.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Monday, 08 August 2016 15:00

DNP continuously on the rise

Photokina 2014 and new hero products


With a wide range of new products, DNP presents many good opportunities for retailers and professional photographers to grasp a share in an exciting business. The news include a new flagship printer model, a duplex printer for onsite photobook applications, a flexible production center that attacks both the entry level segment and is scalable to highest productivity, and new application software for event and studio photographers for faster print workflows. New Tomo™ v6.1 kiosk software is presented on a new wide-screen terminal, fit for installations in photo retail or even large retail projects. In short: DNP’s Photokina booth (Hall 3.1, Stand C020-D029) provides great solutions for photo professionals.

At the last Photokina, DNP presented itself as a new strong player in the field of onsite photo printing, with considerable investments in the business through the acquisition of Konica Minolta’s and Sony’s photofinishing businesses. With the support of a strong network of distribution partners and system integrators, DNP Photo Imaging extended their offering of reliable photo printers across Europe and grew their business to a leading position. New facilities in Asia and the Americas increased production capacity for the photo media.

This year, the company underlines their ambition to serve the onsite photo market with an impressive number of new products and solutions. The new printer DS620, scheduled to arrive in early 2015, introduces rewind and standby functionality to save costs in energy and consumables. It is not only small and light, but with effective 400 prints per hour it is also very fast. Being the new flagship model in DNP’s printer line-up, it is also remarkably reliable. DNP Photo Imaging Europe offer a 2-year warranty on printer and parts, including the thermal print head for up to 75,000 prints (4x6 inch format). Available for the DS620, but also for existing DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 printers, professional photographers will be able to download the new Hot Folder Print (HFP). Standing at a value of 300 EUR, this professional software tool for faster print (and reprint) workflows will be offered free of charge.

Enabling the production of onsite photobooks, but also calendars and greeting cards (both one- and double-sided), the new DS80DX duplex printer will provide benefits to retailers who want to take control of the profitable gifting and photobook markets. Whether with kiosk and PC software such as DiLand or Foto2Go, or with a DS-terminal from DNP, featuring the new Tomo™ v6.1 software, this printer will be a great addition to your onsite photo services. Say “Yes!” when a customer asks you for a photobook ready the same day! Within minutes, prints and binding can be done (e.g. with Unibind staplebinding).

Having mentioned the new software and terminal, they are the new face also for DNP’s systems, such as the DS-K15 photo kiosk, or the future concept of PrintCenter with complete new furniture. Designed for large retail projects, they represent the flexible approach to a customised photo solution. Whatever the space allocation, whatever the required productivity, DNP will be able to design a good system.

Targeting both the photo retail and the event/school photo markets, DNP came up with a scalable system that offers significant benefits. With the modular nexlab™6 production center, the basic model enhances your fast backroom photo service. Installed out of sight in event locations, it is equipped with an operating terminal and two printers as well as state-of-the-art production manager software. The system is expandable to integrate additional printers for higher speed and/or more photo formats. The ability to include the DS80-DX and large format printers allows for additional photo services you can offer onsite, from photobook to posters and canvas. This makes the nexlab™6 concept also an ideal tool for your retail business. Its modularity ensures a low investment, the dye sublimation technology with redundant operation of independent printers allow for operation at a fraction of the service costs as well as savings on energy, water, waste and more compared to traditional minilabs. The easy operation and daily maintenance will free time for your staff to look after customers rather than your technology. With nexlab™6 it’s you who decides what product you get. And you’ll be able to increase whenever you need more.

Featuring the new logo of their photo imaging group, DNP will showcase applications in retail, event, booth and even attractions. Our growing team of national sales managers will be happy to welcome you and discuss your individual requirements.

In the past, at present and in the future, consumers enjoy photos. Memories deserve prints.

Interview Mr. Koike, Senior Corporate Officer & GM IMS Operations


DNP has added a manufacturing line of thermal transfer ribbon at Pittsburgh plant. The operation was launched this spring. September 2013 will also see construction completed of the plant for dye-sublimation thermal transfer media in Malaysia. During his visit to Europe this July, Mr. Masato Koike, DNP Senior Corporate Officer and General Manager of IMS Operations, was so kind as to provide insights about the global market development for information media, the challenges in this area at present and mid-term strategies. The internal PR team was conducting the interview for DNP News Focus.

DNP NEWS FOCUS: Mr. Koike, please tell us about the history of DNP’s IMS Operations.

Mr. Koike: In the 1980s, DNP developed two thermal transfer media, a Thermal Transfer Ribbon and a Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Media, and started manufacturing and sales. Initially, the thermal transfer facsimile ribbon was the core business, focusing on overseas markets. Further, we developed new products such as barcode printing to set DNP up for the future. Significant investments into production and business were made.

Dye-sublimation products initially began with supplies for video printers used for printing out images from TV screens, and we have experienced explosive sales growth in 1996 and 1997, based on instant photo machines that produced tiny photo stickers.

Dye-sublimation products supplied to printer manufactures on an OEM basis took advantage of high resolution, and immediacy features, and also began to be used for output uses for digital still cameras around the same time as the video print boom. We established a business model which was developed under our own brand using the DNP logo in the photo market directly by acquiring Pixel Magic Imaging Inc. in 2004 and the purchase of photo business from Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. in 2006.


DNP NEWS FOCUS: What is happening with the manufacturing and sales system, right now?

Mr. Koike: At present, we have five domestic manufacturing bases. We also have two U.S.-based manufacturing plants. Dye sublimation production in U.S. is concentrated in Concord. We also have a plant at Amsterdam in the Netherlands which mainly performs the slitting and winding of ribbons for barcode printer use and dye sublimation ribbons along with regional sales.


DNP NEWS FOCUS: Please tell us about developments at the Pittsburgh plant where an extra manufacturing line has been added.


Mr. Koike: In line with the addition of the new manufacturing line we have been adding further personnel at the Pittsburgh plant. As a result, production capacity is almost doubled, and it is also planned to boost the number of items manufactured. Because we source raw materials on a dollar-denominated basis in the U.S., it is possible to reduce the impact of foreign exchange. DNP is holding its own in terms of product capabilities, and we are looking to capture the top global share on the back of increased cost competitiveness, in line with the addition of the new production line.


DNP NEWS FOCUS: Please tell us about the establishment of the Malaysian plant.

Mr. Koike: Our photo business is the area of dye sublimation operations that we aim to expand most. Overseas operations are overwhelmingly larger than Japan. In order for DNP to expand share, it was necessary to position manufacturing bases offshore considering cost competitiveness and shorter delivery times. We commenced coating at the Concord plant in 2011, and in order to expand product volumes, the decision was made to add a manufacturing plant in Asia. Among the candidates for the new Asian plant, Johor of Malaysia was selected following considerations from a variety of perspectives, especially logistics. The new plant is being created with considerable investment. Both site area and buildings have been arranged so as to be able to respond to production expansion anticipating future sales growth.


DNP NEWS FOCUS: How do you view the global market going forward?

Mr. Koike: With the addition of the manufacturing line at the Pittsburgh plant, and establishment of the new Malaysian plant, our overseas production capacity has expanded considerably to reduce foreign exchange impact, and I believe DNP’s cost competitiveness can be further enhanced. Looking ahead, we will expand our overseas manufacturing bases, including the Pittsburgh and Malaysian plants. In particular, we will grow the Malaysian plant that includes the coating process to become a core plant for dye-sublimation photo media, and want to provide products developed for emerging countries not only to Asia, but also to other developing markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America.


On the other hand, it is necessary to develop sales bases in response to developments in Asia, Europe and Russia. I am proud of the fact that IMS Operations is at the forefront of global expansion among DNP operational divisions, and I want to see us further increase our overseas sales ratios.


DNP NEWS FOCUS: Mr. Koike, we thank you for this interview!

Mark Buelow explains what Fotolusio will stand for in the future

Slowly but surely DNP have completed the rebranding of their photo activities. Head of European Marketing Mark Buelow explains what Fotolusio will stand for in the future.

For the past two and a half years, DNP Photo Imaging Europe changed its face radically. With the acquisition of the photofinishing business of Sony and the substantial addition in distribution power came the drive to reposition the brand. As a strong asset, the DNP trademark was put stronger in the focus in the communications, whether on brochures, advertisement or at exhibitions such as the Photokina 2012. Over 137 years of experience in the printing industry pay off with good brand recognition and allow the photo business to be easily recognised for high-quality products and production expertise.

At the same time the global and regional marketing teams aimed to reposition also the Fotolusio sub-brand. It had originally been created to represent the photo activities, and with the new strategy will now serve DNP as a sub-brand and quality indicator for the dye-sublimation media. DNP have redesigned their printer and media products to follow this direction. The printer series DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 will carry only the DNP brand together with the product name (same as the SnapLabTM DS-SL20 and the ID photo system DS-ID400). The media lines for DS-RX1 will carry the Fotolusio logo with the category “Digital”, while media for the flagship models DS40 and DS80 will be carrying the mark “Premium Digital”.

“The repositioning of the photo activities under the DNP brand has been a rewarding experience”, says Mark Buelow, Head of European Marketing. “Together with my colleagues in the United States, in Japan and other overseas regions we have pushed for the logo of DNP to get stronger visibility.” Early on DNP began to put communication material out featuring this change in appearance. Now the results are coming through also in the products being fully rebranded. Everything from hardware to photo consumables was considered and had to be redesigned, including product boxes, manuals, websites and more. “The feedback to this change from partners is very positive, and they appreciate also the repositioned sub-brand to give a quality indicator of Fotolusio to our photo consumables.”

For the future DNP is well set up for further strong growth, with solid partnerships in European distributors and system integrators. In a difficult economic and business environment, DNP aims to be the reliable partner for the industry with good opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Leading photo solutions for the attractions industry are powered with printers and consumables from DNP


Leading photo solutions for the attractions industry are powered with superior quality printers and consumables from DNP. Speed and durability are of the essence for these applications, and integrators supply the perfect fit solution for your requirements.

What does a manufacturer of photo equipment and consumables have to do at an attractions show? You could say that photos are something with a strong connection to amusement, and you’d be right. Photos are ideal souvenirs, and printed photos are still considered as offering high value to visitors of fun parks and attractions. Actually, photos might range behind food and merchandise in terms of revenue, but in many attractions that have successfully integrated photo solutions, these became the #2 contributor to profits (second only to admissions).

This is the approach that many specialist system integrators are taking to provide unique services to attractions managers. Further, DNP seem just to have the perfect tools for the final solution: dye-sublimation photo printers and consumables allowing for fast onsite printing at a low investment. What does that mean for you? With minimum footprint and headcount, photos can be produced virtually anywhere in the park – by a photographer as a family souvenir (combined with the perfect background, even if the sun is not shining on the day of the visit) or automated on-ride photos on roller coasters, in the maze etc. All of the photos can carry your park logo and the day of the visit, in order to drive the visitors’ friends and family into the park as well. DNP caters to the demand of the major European integrators to the attractions industry.



Where? At the Euro Attractions Show in Paris (Porte de Versailles, Hall 4, Booth 357)

When? 18th-20th September, 2013


DNP Party Print is the mobile app for prints from party guests’ snapshots

DNP Party Print is the mobile app for prints from party guests’ snapshots that pleases party hosts, guests and event photographers alike.

A smart way to earn money with the vast amount of snapshots from smartphones and tablets, this intelligent system is ideal for wedding & event photographers. With modern mobile applications, consumers can directly send their images to the Party Print system installed at the venue and take home great souvenirs. It’s instant, it’s fun, it’s great photos!

Today, there are more photos taken than ever before. Wide availability of digital capture devices result in an ever-increasing number of photos uploaded to social networks – 7.5bn new photos appear on Facebook each and every month. Where do those images come from? Both Futuresource Consulting and Flickr, the number one photo gallery in the world, speak a clear language: Many come from smartphones! They are with us at all times, their cameras are sufficient in quality to be viewed online, and most importantly, these devices are unbeatable in terms of sharing pictures. The connectivity to the internet- be it their Facebook page or other means of sharing – enable a quick delivery to friends and family.

With this abundance of everyday memories, we still see that the experts of photography are missing out on a good potential business. The product planners of DNP have sat down to develop a method to both offer an innovative service to the consumer and a good additional source of income for professional photographers.

DNP Party Print, the new mobile application-based product of DNP Photo Imaging Europe, ticks all the boxes: it opens up the reach of event photographers to offer a great and fun service to events. It’s a solution to all wedding couples who never in the past saw the guests’ snapshots, and it’s a nice extra for corporate or social events. Offering a snapshot photo service is a great complimentary service to the professional portraits. For the guests, it’s a fun way to retain printed memories from special moments. Usually the majority of snapshots ends up on the memory of the camera phones, but never makes it to any other output device. Some photographers bring it online. Now it’s time to share these prints also during the party, and bring them home as souvenirs.

DNP Party Print is compatible with all modern PCs and supports output on DNP printers DS40,
DS-RX1 and DS80 for standard formats 10x15cm up to 20x30cm. The setup on location is very space-saving as you just install the laptop or PC and a printer, so can be done in any corner or even behind a counter. The recommended business model for event photographers is to rent out the system including a sufficient set of photo consumables for a fixed price, so the investment can be amortised in just a few evening events. It consists of the user-friendly installer software (CD-ROM) and a wireless router. The mobile application for iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones is available to consumers free of charge in App Stores and Google Play across Europe.

DNP Party Print will be made available for a very affordable price at DNP resellers from July 2013, just in time for the main wedding season.


Background on Party Print:

Bride and groom would like to have a maximum of impressions from the most important day in their lives. That’s why they hire a professional photographer to make a beautiful wedding album and take additional pictures together with friends and family. Many memories from the tables and from groups of people cannot be kept though.

In the past, the wedding couple could hand out single-use film cameras to every table, collect them at the end of the evening and develop snapshots of situations the official photographer could not capture. This is a great idea that DNP transferred into the modern age. Nowadays, there are many instruments to capture memories present, almost with every single guest: smartphones and tablets for many consumers take over this function in everyday life. And thousands of pictures are being made with these appliances during any event, whether social, wedding or corporate. DNP has developed an app for Android and iOS that is able to transfer them to a print system installed on location.

This system is basically the DNP Party Print software, a router and – available separately – any DNP photo printer. Guests can happily shoot away and send images over from their smartphone just after they were captured, collecting the memory back to the table. At the same time there is a file saved to the PC hotfolder that can be handed over to the host after the event, so both guests and bridal couple have lasting memories. It’s that easy, very quick, and represents an additional income stream for event photographers.


Expanding global production capacity to accommodate increasing order situation

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will establish a new plant in Malaysia for the production of dye-sublimation thermal transfer media used for photo printing. The new plant is scheduled for completion in September 2013, and will serve the Southeast Asian markets.

DNP launched the manufacturing and marketing of dye sublimation media in the late 1980s. DNP operates its photo print business on a global scale using facilities in Japan, Europe and the U.S. The demand for dry digital photo prints is expanding worldwide in line with the growth of digital cameras and smart phones. The emerging nations of Southeast Asia are seeing increased demand for digital photo print, with ID Photo needs also experiencing a marked increase. In order to capitalise on these developments, DNP has decided to build a new dye sublimation media manufacturing plant in Malaysia, and will actively expand operations in Southeast Asia. The total floor area is approx.
11,000 m2 and production capacity is expected to be approx. 4.8bn sheets* per year.

With the recent acquisition of Sony’s photo print business (2011) and the increase in pro­duction capacity in the U.S. (2012) and Asia (2013), DNP underline their potential and com­mitment in the market of onsite photofinishing.

For the European markets the media consumption has increased by 300% from 2010 to 2012. The global increase of production is therefore benefitting also the European market with further allocation. Ideas for further projects in Europe are being considered for the midterm.

“We are on a very good way”, comments Hitoshi Nagasaka, SVP Sales & Marketing Europe. “DNP positions itself as the growing company and the reliable partner for onsite photofinishing. Our aim and commitment is to strongly continue on this path together with our distribution partners and for the benefit of photo professionals and retailers.”

*4x6 inch / 10x15cm equivalent

DNP supports current operating systems for their printer line-up.

Dai Nippon Printing release printer drivers compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 for DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1. Further Windows 8 drivers are provided for the above printers as well as the ID system DS-ID400 and SnapLab DS-SL20. They are available for download from the website  For further questions regarding drivers and their installation kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion is a registered trademark of the Apple Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Windows 8 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Monday, 08 August 2016 14:54

New software and firmware for DS-ID400

Boost profits further with v2.1 firmware and new Utility Software

DNP are pleased to announce the release of firmware v2.1 for DS-ID400, improving print sharpness and wireless reliability when signal strength is weak. Firmware v2.1 is also required to take advantage of the additional profit generating features packed in to the new Utility Software. Users can create custom templates and package print bundles that can boost the number of prints per customer, benefiting revenue and profit. Features include; adjustable bleed, trim marks, custom passport templates, custom print layouts, add logo, add text, portrait prints (non ID) and customisable print package bundles. Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Monday, 08 August 2016 14:21

More than a face-lifting for DNP website

Relaunch of

With a brand new face DNP showcases both corporate and product news. The beautiful user interface compatible with PC, Mac and tablets makes browsing for information a pleasure. Owners and prospective buyers can download brochures, manuals, drivers, product images and more while comparing the latest additions to the DNP line-up. As an organisation with a pan-European customer base, the website is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as a matter of course.

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