New products and strong ambitions

From 2012 onward, some doubts about the future of photofinishing should be a matter of the past. As there are changes in the consumers’ printing behavior, there are new opportunities opening for those who are ready to listen, understand, deliver and create. Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is ready to take the lead on the future of onsite photo printing and deliver growth to customers along the value chain.

On September 18th, Photokina will open its doors for a new insight into the trends and developments in the imaging industry. There will be large developments around photo capture, photo sharing and printing. An important topic for this year Photokina is connectivity. Consumers are expecting great connectivity from the camera to the internet. DNP will show on its booth the solutions to their expectations.

In an uncertain economy, which saw the decline of the heavyweight of the photo industry, distributors and owners are worried about the future of their businesses. DNP is there to reassure them. Indeed, with positive revenues of over 300% versus 2010, major investments in recent years and know-how of more than a century, DNP is a key player in the field of photo printing and photo media manufacturing. DNP is more than ever the supplier on which they can rely.

What is even more, DNP is the financially stable partner that is ensuring all retailers and photo professionals that they will be able to count on continuous support and supply for the lifetime of their photofinishing equipment. In times of distress on stock exchanges, when credits are hard to obtain and the industry is consolidating more and more, we are here to say that we are here to grow – with investments in the business and production capacity, and strong ambitions to become the first choice for onsite photofinishing projects.

DNP is coming this year with an enlarged stand compared to 2010 in order to give more space to our new products, DS-ID400 and our astonishing new solutions for kiosk, minilab and customised photo systems for retail. During regular model shootings on the stand, professional event photographers can learn about additional sources of income through instant photo printers. This service is being supported by Darkroom software. Visitors can take home a memory captured by a professional photographer!

There are changes in the industry, and DNP is ready to lead the way to a positive trend – for themselves and the professionals in this industry, whether photographers or retailers. DNP offers a good and solid partnership and reaches out to everyone who is ready!


New product

With the product announcement of the new Passport ID photo system DS-ID400, DNP Photo Imaging Europe (DNP) is continuing the legacy created by Sony in digital passport and ID photography. With convenient wireless operation, a print is produced within a minute with the touch of a button. Adding features that further increase the retailer’s revenue, the all-in-one printer and camera system makes it simpler to participate in this profitable business!

At DNP, we realise the importance of passport and ID photo services for our partners in retail. It is one of the key products that will let retailers earn money and fight the recession. Simplicity, reliability, and convenience – these are the demands that we understand from our customers. Three values of DS-ID400 that will let our partners achieve good revenue.

Regulations for ID and passport photos have become more demanding. With state-of-the-art face detection and automatic face alignment, DS-ID400 makes sure you deliver a photo that will pass official controls. The majority of international passport and ID formats are pre-stored in the printer. Custom templates can be added too. Why not combine these layouts together with the package print function? Mix the formal ID shot with an informal shot and sell a package of prints, including full-bleed 10x15cm. More prints mean more profit. Another powerful feature to boost your revenue is save-to-memory. For example, up-sell a USB flash drive together with the prints! Consumers can upload the professionally captured image to their social media profile; this is only one of the many potential applications.

The new DS-ID400/WLAN system comes with a high-end Canon PowerShot G12 camera featuring a 10 Megapixel sensor, a fast DIGIC 4 image processor and an optical viewfinder combined with a large and bright 7cm / 2.8-inch variable angle LCD for full control during and after photo capture. Pictures are transferred via Wireless LAN via a dedicated SDHC card, so there is no need to take a memory card out of the camera and insert it into a printer or kiosk, nor are there cables to trip over. Simply “capture – review – print”: three button pushes on the camera, less than one minute to operate. Full control, no hassle!

Like the former systems Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300, the new DS-ID400/WLAN system prints on 10UPC-X34 and X46 media. You will be able to source it from DNP’s established distribution network.

“The product introduction of the DS-ID400 is one our team has especially looked forward to. As a former employee of Sony Europe I understand the commercial importance of a passport or ID photo service for retail. We have been working with experts in our network of distributors. One year after the business transition we can claim to have the easiest to use and most cost-effective solution on the market. DNP now demonstrates expertise in another important part of the photofinishing market”, says Mark Buelow, European Marketing Manager for DNP. “Furthermore, we can offer the owners of Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300 systems an update with the DS-ID400/BT printer. With a Planex USB adaptor, they can connect their existing UPX camera via Bluetooth® and enjoy their current workflow.”

Sales of DS-ID400/WLAN and DS-ID400/BT are commencing across Europe in June 2012. Attractive Point of Sale communication material is available in English, French and German. Furthermore, DNP offers protective passport photo wallets.

With the DS-ID400, DNP is providing high-quality, compliant ID and passport photos to the consumer and increased profits to the retailer.

Financials 2012

With the closing of the fiscal year for the DNP Corporation by End of March, it was time for the European sales and marketing organisation to review the year 2011. An enormous success can be communicated.

In the center of the analysis is of course the success of the acquisition of Sony’s photofinishing business. It is now exactly 12 months that this business was integrated, with some normal and some rather extraordinary infancy issues. Nevertheless, the 2011 result in volume is 285% vs. prior year.

“The year 2011 was a very successful one for DNP, despite the major challenge of a media shortage of the first half of 2011. This caused by the destruction of a media factory in the events of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Recovery had been slower than hoped for, especially in the light of the difficult situation for DNP’s valued customers”, says Mark Buelow, European Marketing Manager.

Infancy issues have been overcome, and the organisation is better equipped than ever to take on the task of becoming market leader in onsite photofinishing.

Regardless of 2011’s difficulties, DNP have almost tripled the volume of photos the company sold in Europe compared to the prior year. In value, the figures more than tripled, due to the lower media price for DNP print systems.

But the Sony takeover is only a part in the puzzle. Even comparing media volume for DNP’s own printers, an increase by 119% could be witnessed.


The growth numbers in short:

Acquired growth (print volume Sony 2011 vs. DNP 2010):                        65.2%

Organic growth (print volume without acquisition effect 2011 vs. 2010):   219.4%

Total growth (print volume 2011 vs. 2010):                                            284.6% (+184.6%)


Business ratio:

Media volume ratio (DNP vs. Sony printers, 2011):                                    77% vs. 23%


Impressive results in a difficult economic environment, and figures that show that the market position of DNP in the top 3 onsite photofinishing manufacturers is only an intermediate step.

“We are aiming much higher, and the amazing news for our partners is: it is actually achiev­able!” says Buelow. DNP is set out to challenge the industry leader.

To feed theses ambitions, DNP Photo Imaging Europe invests more money than ever in their communications, growing their sales teams and supporting their distribution partners. New products already introduced and coming in 2012 shall help to attack market opportunities.

Mr. Buelow is convinced to be able to disclose great numbers again in one year. “We are thanking all partners for their great contribution to DNP’s success”, he concludes.

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 12:27

Strong year ahead of DNP

Interview with the marketing manager

 With the strong commitment to offer the global market affordable solutions and take part in the profitable photo business, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) has established itself firmly as a major partner to retailers and photo distributors. With the acquisition of Sony’s photofinishing business in 2011, following the 2006 integration of Konica Minolta’s photo operations, DNP is now aiming for the top position in the industry.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 12:26

Product introduction: SnapLab™ DS-SL20

Following the acquisition of Sony’s photofinishing business in April 2011, DNP Photo Imaging Europe SAS (DNP) is proud to continue the legacy of one of Europe’s best-selling photo kiosks. A key product for the independent retail market, the SnapLab™ DS-SL20 will be both attractively priced and incredibly simple to operate.

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