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DNP announces its New Software Update : Snaplab+ version 3.3.14

Software Update, Snaplab+ version 3.3


In the interest of providing the most complete all-in-one kiosk, please note our most recent additions to the Snaplab+ software available for the kiosk SL620 and SL620 II or order terminal DSTmini and DT-T6mini.


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This new update offers the following improvements :

Calendar in Catalonia: shorten days of the week to 2 letters and public holidays as per the Catalonia Calendar

Collage product, in size 10x15cm, selection of increments of 1, when printing

Sorting issue of mobile wired connection, showing photos as per date the picture is taken

Print 5x5 prints from DSRX1 HS printer with 5x7 media

Receipt "Fotoftessera" for Passport in Italian

Bug fix for DS40, counter for available media

Download: Snaplab+ Software 3.3.14