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DNP announces Hot Folder Print with Mac

Software Update, Hot Folder Print for Mac


Hot Folder Print (HFP), the Free Plug and Play Printing Management Software is now avaialble for MAC

New features for HFP :

- Drag and Drop Images directly into user interface

- Program E-mail alert for low media level, select when a warning or error message, for low media level.
- ICC by default based on EVENT or location (selection during installation)
- Preview and cropping pictures

- Automatic printer firmware update
- Online software update
- Partial Matte for DS620 and DS820 printers
- Easy language change (in Settings)

- Customisation of Hot Folder Locations


ALSO Available, as part of the WIN version :
- Supports ALL DNP Printers : DS620, DS820, DSRX1 HS, DSRX1, DS80DX, DS80, DS40 and up to 4 printers (including the DS80-DX printer)
- Dashboard,showing connected printer models, media size and number of remaining prints avaialble

- Display print size avaialbe base on media disponible
- Thumbnail of images per original size

- 2 inch prints for DS620 and RX1 HS printers
- Boarder integration
- Glossy and Matte finish with all printers
- Luster and Fine Matte finish for DS620 and DS820 printers
- Enhanced Color Settings, you can configure RGB, gamma, brightness, saturation and sharpness settings as needed


Download : HFP Manual and Installer


The USER MANUAL is available on the DNP Photo Imaging Europe website, or you can download by clicking on the link below.